The Style of Blazer by Vogue

Blazer Chic! Ultra Classic... It's time to face the onset of Spring, and the best place to begin is the blazer, the passe-par-tout of the season!


Elegant in a tuxedo version or else casual in washed cotton, in every shape and dimension, a piece that can open and close every kind of look.


Pair it with any skirt or trouser, play with the addition of pearls or chains, and you can either honor or desecrate tradition - it's up to you to decide the balance. There are those who'd pair it with a Charleston dress, those who choose baggy pants, and those - like Kate Moss - who will wear blazers over shorts or black jeans.

See by Chloe

The evenings, it reappears in a tuxedo version and once again Kate flaunts one in shiny black satin, the version that is increasingly showing up as it evokes Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s.

Gianni Barbato

Variazioni... The shoulders get shaped, buttons are lowered and the cuts are cropped: in this case, trousers are wide, even in harem style. Or else the length remains classic but the fabric is fluid and further lightened by stripes or hints of flowers or vaguely mixed motifs. The blazer then becomes slightly hippy chic, as does everything else worn with it, including bijoux.

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